Supporting change

Healthy CHAT / Section One: Introduction
Support and advice from a trusted healthcare worker can help people make healthy lifestyle changes.

Is this support & advice currently given in healthcare settings? A phone survey of over 1,000 clients in NSW found that preventive advice was not provided opportunistically to all clients, despite strong client support for this. REF

Evidence shows that if a healthcare worker does NOT say anything, this may be taken as passive acceptance by clients that there is no need to change an unhealthy behaviour. REF

Consistent messages about healthy lifestyle choices from different healthcare workers can have a cumulative effect. Multiple messages over time can support a person to be ready to make change. REF

“My doctor/nurse/healthcare worker knows I smoke and hasn’t said anything, so I guess it must be OK”

What can I do?

As a healthcare worker you can help people to start thinking about healthy lifestyle choice and offer them advice about resources to support change.
In the following video clips, healthcare workers explain why they are in the right position to use Healthy CHAT.

Evidence has shown that brief advice from healthcare workers can be effective in supporting people to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Is giving brief simple advice to people effective?


Brief advice has been shown to be a straightforward and inexpensive approach to promoting and maintaining smoking cessation.REF


Brief advice can improve short-term dietary behaviours.REF


Brief advice is proven to be successful in addressing hazardous and harmful drinking in adults.REF

Physical Activity

Brief advice is a cost-effective way to increase activity levels among adults.REF

Additional Benefits

Brief advice is recommended as an approach to building health literacy in the community.

Section One
A Healthy CHAT
Section One
A Healthy CHAT