What is a Healthy CHAT?

A Healthy CHAT is a simple opportunistic discussion about healthy lifestyle choices and referring people to available support services.

The key concepts of Healthy Chat are:

online learning module

The videos from the online learning module plus questions for use in face to face training

online learning module

This Powerpoint presentation provides an overview of the Healthy CHAT approach

online learning module

Additional health literacy resources

This resource is produced as a result of a collaboration of the following organisations.

The project team thanks all those staff and community members who contributed from Latrobe Community Health Service, Ramahyuck, Gippsland Lakes Complete Health and Monash Rural Health.

To Join Us - Boon-ya-bur Werna
Gippsland Lakes Complete Health
Monash University
Latrobe Community Health Service


Funded by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal

Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal